Responsibility and ESG

At SilverTree, our investment strategy is centered around a strong focus on value creation – we focus on accelerating company growth and driving operational best practices through a partnership-driven and long-term oriented approach. Our commitment to ESG is rooted in this ethos and we integrate ESG-focused principles across our investment process. We firmly believe in the power of software and technology in creating a brighter future and are focused and committed to delivering value to our investors without negative externalities on the planet and its people.

SilverTree Equity is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI) and we are committed to integrating its six ESG-focused principles across our investment process.

In addition to further investment exclusions SilverTree Equity applies, we integrate ESG into our investment process across investment stages. Where applicable, we work with portfolio companies on ESG engagement to go beyond investment exclusions and improve ESG capabilities and performance.

Portfolio Companies and ESG

Kantar Xtel

Focus: Environmental

Kantar Xtel is decarbonizing towards net zero


Focus: Social

Enabling higher education institutions to focus on their core mission

Orbus Software

Focus:Environmental, Social & Governance

Accelerating sustainability transformation



Reducing economic and social disparities



Strengthening governance

Tally Group


Enabling the energy transition



Decarbonizing through zero party data